Make Money Selling Used Books Online!

So you want to sell books online? Good idea! Lots of extra cash to be made doing this. It’s simple if you have multiple sources to find inventory. So let’s get started. This is a brief summary and I will add more details as time permits.
First things first. Please sign up on the Amazon seller to sell items. The easiest fastest way is to find a product/book you own and would like to sell. See what the used prices and condition of the books are so you can price accordingly. Find the “have one to sell” button and continue through the screens. If you don’t already have an account it will prompt you to sign up at that time. You can then list your books. You can continue adding your inventory preferably by isbn numbers. It’s more accurate.
First thing I believe you need is a pda with socket laser scanner to scan book barcodes/isbn’s. Most smart phones would work as well. There are many apps available, Amazon even has a price checker available that you can scan the book with your cell phone and instantly see what the new and used prices are. The PDA’s with the socket scanner work much faster for bulk checking but you need to buy the equipment and pay a monthly fee to access new updated information, but to get started you can start for free with your smart phone as opposed to forking out the money for the PDA and scanner. You can invest in one of those once you know you can find merchandise and once you have built up some money to reinvest in your business. If you have good sources available, this can happen very quickly. The trick is to check sales ranking and get as small a number as possible and the highest low price available. This will insure a quick turn around. There are many places to get used books. There are used book stores that have clearance sales, library sales, garage sales, thrift stores, auctions etc. Just look around and you will find abundant places that have used books available.
The most profitable type of books are of course used college text books. The second best are usually popular non fiction. (They usually hold their value longer than fiction). Of course very current bestseller fiction books are also a good bet for a fast sale and quick and easy money. They also tend to cost less to purchase than text books or non fiction. Of course this is just my experience. I have on occasion found text books as low as .50 and have resold them for close to $75. My parents found a hypnosis book at a garage sale and paid 25 cents for it and resold it less than a week later for $559. That is one huge profit. As you can see, selling books on Amazon or Half or anywhere else can be very lucrative, and in some instances depending on your area and available inventory and competition you can actually make a living with this.
When I first started I was making a couple hundred dollars a week within the first month. I was lucky enough one time to stumble upon a Jr. College Library clearance sale that offered many used text books that were worth $30 to $75 each which I purchased for $3 each. That was a VERY good month for me. I averaged over $500 a week for a few months on one $79 purchase. So, there you have it. This is a very good side business that has the potential to bring in a full time income, depending on your time invested and the amount and quality of the inventory that you are able to find.
Once you get started in this exciting business you may want to expand and make things such as repricing and bookkeeping more automatic. Also keeping your inventory organized is very helpful when your inventory reaches epic proportions. There are several online tools that can help you. Things you will need to look at are repricing tools, bookkeeping software, postage, etc.

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Selling Used Books Online

This site is all about selling used books online and reviews of tools and tips that make selling books online easier, more profitable and take less of your time.

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